Money Health Check Story

The Money Health Check is a social network brand striving to empower the young Filipino community with the knowledge needed to trade money for time. Money Health Check was founded by Antonette Aquino in 2020 by creating a finance channel on TikTok, which grew a following of more than 200,000 followers in the span of 6 months. By making a name in this niche, she has gained over 1.7 million “Likes,” with videos explaining different kinds of investments. The videos have hundreds of thousands of views, sometimes a million or more.

By leveraging the power of social media, she was able to build a community-centered entrepreneurial collective with over 5,000 members. The Money Health Check community is where like-minded individuals gather to learn about financial literacy and entrepreneurship.



Our Mission


Money Health Check is built on a straightforward idea: that clients deserve an advisor as motivated as they are to achieve their financial aspirations. As financial advisors, our mission is to create tailored plans based on life goals, tax-based financial opportunities, and investment solutions. High standards of professionalism and service excellence are the benchmarks set for ourselves.

Our Core Values


MHC strives to inspire and uplift our people to support their passions and make dreams happen.


Commitment that extends beyond one’s own self-interest; Personal humility for the sake of a greater cause.


Demonstrated by moral courage, ethical strength, and trustworthiness; Keeping promises and fulfilling expectations.


Demonstrated by consistency, congruence and transparency in values, beliefs and actions; Able to integrate values and principles to create a purposeful life and to contribute to the growth of others.